Wrecker Kits

by DewEze

The DewEze® Hydraulic system provides the best in mobile hydraulic power. Since the belt-driven pump is independent of the transmission, the operator has complete freedom of movement with his truck. DewEze hydraulic clutch pump kits are engineered to fit three-quarter, one ton, super duty, and an increasing number of medium duty and HD trucks regardless of air conditioning and pollution control devices. From medium-duty and twin line wreckers to rollback carriers and self-loaders, DewEze kit components are intentionally designed to meet the horsepower requirements of today's wrecker industry.

Wrecker Kits
Tow truck hydraulic pump

Great for slide-in wrecker units, auto loaders without winches, imported trucks, and power and hoist systems, DewEze E/H Power Systems provide an excellent hydraulic source for trucks without PTO or clutch pump kits available.

Belt Driven

DewEze hydraulic clutch pump kits run independent of your truck's transmission, meaning you get instant, mobile hydraulic power with a flip of a switch.

Easy Installation

DewEze hydraulic clutch pump kit brackets are machine cast which means installation goes lightning quick, with no working to make the part fit and no fiddling with belt alignment, saving you and your organization time and money.

Heavy Duty

DewEze hydraulic clutch pump kits are built to last, using premium materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods.

Automatic Tensioner

DewEze hydraulic clutch pump kits come with either an automatic or OEM belt tensioner, extending belt life and keeping you on the road.


We build DewEze clutch pump kits to go the distance. Should something go wrong, rest easy knowing that DewEze offers great customer service in addition to being covered by a one-year warranty.

GPM (disp) 750 RPM 1000 RPM 1250 RPM 1500 RPM 1750 RPM MAX PSI
17 (2.02) 7.79 10.39 12.99 15.59 19.19 2500
12 (1.40) 5.40 7.20 9.00 10.80 12.61 3500
9 (1.09) 4.20 5.61 7.01 8.41 9.81 3500
7 (.93) 3.59 4.78 5.98 7.17 8.37 3500
5 (.62) 2.39 3.19 3.98 7.78 5.58 3500


As we continue to update and improve our product line, specifications are subject to change without notice.