Any Way You Slice It: The New S3 by DewEze

Lift. Load. Feed.

Any Way You Slice It: The New S3 by DewEze

HARPER, Kan. – DewEze, the hay handling company ranchers have relied on for decades, is proud to release the next generation S3 hay processor.

The S3 is a versatile machine for feeding into bunks, windrowing into a pasture or re-baling large, round bales for the small square market. The redesigned Schumacher drive components of the new model use less power, offering a more even cut. The addition of the serrated slats ensure a continuous grip on loose bales for consistency while processing hay through the sickles.

Eliminate hay loss from aged, flat bottoms and stretch the bale further with the S3 solution. Simply set the discharge height to control hay output into a narrow, fluffy windrow for uniform feeding.

“You are no longer feeding a four or five foot mat,” said Drew Gerber, Product Manager. “Cattle are less likely to walk right down the middle, or bed down in it. The S3 allows producers to feed by the pound, not the bale to give cattle equal access to feed.”

The S3 is available in PTO or hydraulic models, and can be purchased with an optional storage box for netwrap disposal.

Orders are currently being taken for the fall feeding season. Contact your local DewEze dealer for product and pricing information.